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Mukbang - literal translation eating show” - originates from South Korea. The Mukbang trend opens up more possibilities for people to livestream a normal part of life and get paid for it. One of SouthKorea's famous mukbangers, Park Seo-yeon, admitted that she quitted her job and decided to do mukbang livestreams for a living It was not a bad idea after all, since she earns £5,600 per month from eating and talking in front of the camera.

Mukbang, or Meokbang, is a combination of the South Korean words meokneun” (eating) and bangsong” (broadcast) and is about a host who eats a gigantic amount of food in front of the camera while interacting with an audience. More and more people around the world stumble upon people broadcasting themselves while eating.

Erik the Electric said he noticed that some of his viewers 'œare more restrictive with their diets and want to live vicariously through me. Erik himself struggled with anorexia for years, and says that making the videos has helped him become more relaxed about food and gave him a forum, and a following, to talk about his passion for food.

Clinical advisor for Beat, Dr. Richard Sly, said: ‘Eating disorders are complex mental illnesses, and while they manifest in disordered behaviour around eating, the way the sufferer treats food is less important than the thoughts and feelings that influence their behaviour.

Videos have also been used to stimulate the appetites of those struggling to eat enough. Hosts sit eating a range of foods for fans, interacting with them through the live chat and accepting micro payments as they make suggestions for what should be eaten next.

Although some viewers report they watch these videos as a way to satisfy their own food cravings to help them stay on track with their weight loss plans, the nature of mukbang videos can trigger disordered eating patterns in susceptible viewers,” Erin Palinski-Wade, RD , told TODAY Food.

Eating together is an important part of the Korean culture. I thought mukbang was the type of chicken wings she was eating. Some suggest that the Mukbang phenomenon stems from the fact that eating in Korea is seen as a very social activity, presenting a quandary to those who live, and consequently, eat alone.

Structurally, a mukbang video is not dissimlar to a haul video”—the genre of web show popularized by the 20-year-old jillionaire YouTube star Bethany Mota , in which someone brings out a bunch of shopping bags and shows you each item she bought, one by one, with some pretty insipid patter.

And street food” content has made an appearance across a number of verticals as creators have uploaded videos around YouTube channels and Facebook properties dedicated to entertainment, travel, and lifestyle, as well as food and drink. Inspirasyon din ni Manuel ang kaniyang pamangkin sa mukbang videos na kaniyang pino-post dahil pihikan sa pagkain ang pamangkin kaya isinasama siya ni Manuel sa ilang video para mahikayat kumain.

Unless you're willing to get very creative, there's not much left that someone hasn't recorded themselves eating noisily, from the generic small mountain of July 4th hot dogs to the oddly specific Pikachu-shaped pork cutlets” seen in the above video.

There are many kinds of mukbang videos, ranging from funny Boston pizza videos, some who tell their life stories and some who are in complete silence during their video streams. Eat With Chunky, who has nearly 60,000 subscribers, also takes a conversational approach - enthralling viewers with stories of her life as she eats large quantities of food.

During a mukbang broadcast, hosts converse with viewers and express their pleasure, giving the impression that they are eating together'”creating a social atmosphere very important to eating in Korean culture and which may help explain the popularity of mukbang in an age of digital isolation and social media.

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