Energy Efficient Double Honeycomb Blinds

Cellular Pleated Blinds provide gently filtered light without sacrificing your privacy. Our Roman Shades are available in two opacities—solar sheer and light filtering. If you were looking at the two shades side-by-side, the single cell shade would have less rows - which give the appearance of horizontal lines - and the double cell shade would have more rows (or more horizontal lines).

The cellular shape promotes insulation and thus energy efficiency, but they are not a one-size-fits-all option. Cellular shades come in single-cell, double-cell and triple-cell options. Our extensive line of custom window treatments includes Cellular Shades, Faux Wood Blinds, Horizontal Blinds, Natural Shades, Pleated Shades, Roller Shades, Roman Shades, Shutters, Solar Shades, Wood Blinds and a range of Vertical Solutions.

While standard blinds and curtains have an R-value of just 1, energy saving window coverings with an insulation layer, like the honeycomb shades and curtains with thermal linings can have an R-value of 6. Another hugely practical advantage of cellular shades is their air pockets, which can preserve air and serve as an insulating layer in the home.

The top down bottom up provides a way to raise the shade from the bottom up, the traditional way, plus it also allows for the shade to be lowered from the top down to allow light in while maintaining privacy. If you want the most energy efficient window coverings , then you want a double cell shade.

Let us help you find the perfect cell shade for your budget and needs. Customize your window treatments to fit angled windows by selecting angled shades. You can also choose from sheer, light filtering or blockout fabrics. While double-cell blinds may offer more insulation against air and noise, both single-cell and double-cell blinds are similarly successful at blocking out ultraviolet, UV, light.

I'm not really convinced a cellular shade would provide more insulation if the windows are new. The shades double the efficiency of the R-3.5 windows and reduce heat loss through them by 50%. But in colder climates, dark shades can cut the warmth gained from sunlight, putting a heavier burden on the heating system.

A honeycomb blinds construction that makes these shades soft, durable and energy efficient. Honeycomb window shades are made of soft paper- or cloth-like material. The design of a double cell shade is more intricate and requires more fabric to make. Provides insulation, blocks 99% of all natural light and offers full privacy when the shade is lowered.

We provide four lines of this popular window treatment including an hugely popular double blackout out shade. Lift Control Type is Not Applicable if you choose Delux Cordless System. Energy efficient homes are built carefully with thicker walls and higher insulation levels to reduce energy usage for heating and cooling purposes.

If you're looking for noise reducing window coverings, cellular shades are the best in class. So not only are all our window coverings now cordless or with inaccessible cords, but the material and the products as a whole have gone through rigorous safety testing.

Blackout shades are often single-cell blinds with an additional liner of stretched polyester film on the inside of the cells that increases insulation and prevents light from coming through the blinds.Single-cell blinds are cheaper than double cellular shades cells of a similar design and quality.

Lift & Lock Cordless has a minimum width of 17 inches. Blockout Honey Blinds offer maximum privacy whilst providing the option control the light into your room as necessary, reducing light into a room by up to 95%. Double-celled shades feature pairs of cells stacked in a sturdy configuration.

Cellular Shades, also known as Honeycomb Shades, feature a solid fabric that stacks like an accordion. The honeycomb structure inside creates a layer of insulation which helps reduce heating costs. Energy saving cellular shades control drafts to keep temperatures at a constant, so air conditioners and heaters aren't working so hard to keep the room regulated.

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